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About Language Link

Mark, the founder of Language Link, has been a manager in a blue chip organisation in London dealing with change and process management, as well as people management through challenging times. In recent years he has developed an interest in the applied language training sector, and based in Paris, he has helped many clients in large international companies achieve their goals by applying the English language directly to enhance their careers.
He has developed a range of training tools based on both current thinking in the new, challenging business environment, as well as more established ideas, to offer a unique opportunity for executives to develop their language and business skills. Training is offered on a one-to-one basis and through workshops, where shared practice and learning through application, in a friendly environment helps to deliver results and build confidence as well as competence.

What's your aim?

Whether it’s for an important presentation, meeting or interview, or if you just want to improve your communication skills in management, we aim to give you the language tools you need, to deliver.
Whether you would like distance learning, with lessons via Skype, one to one lessons in person or to refine skills and discover new ones in business themed seminars. Language Link is confident you will benefit from our engaging training solutions.

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